Headless CMS Localization with Phrase and Contentful

December 24, 2020

If you’re new to headless content management systems (CMS), prepare yourself for a breath of fresh air. Instead of a monolithic system where the backend is tied to the frontend, a headless CMS decouples the two and provides an API to access its content.

This means that our websites, mobile apps, and smart toaster apps (I’ll bet you $10 they’re coming) can display content in the way we see fit for them. It also means that our websites can be largely static—their content can be pulled in from the CMS API on the server—which gives them a performance and security boost.

Do some research on headless CMS options, and you’ll likely come across Contentful. A powerful, trusted, feature-rich CMS. Contentful is cloud-based, offering managed hosting, a fantastic web admin console, REST and GraphQL API access, and a ton of first-party SDKs.

And if you’re a Phrase user looking to integrate your translations with your Contentful data, we got you covered. In fact, in this article, we’ll walk you through exactly how to do that.

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